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Special Services

Welcome to the Special Services department at Chapel Hill ISD. 

Our department is here to serve all students who qualify for Special Education Programs, Dyslexia Services & 504 plans.  





…Providing opportunities for all learners to belong, contribute, and succeed





Where Everybody is Somebody –


Students with disabilities should have access to high-quality inclusive educational programming where they are provided with the necessary and individualized supports to meet personalized achievement expectations with their non-disabled peers to the fullest extent possible. We believe students should know the value and importance of all of the A’s (Academics, Arts, Athletics, Advocacy, Agriculture, & Alliances).  It is our mission to create a sense of belonging in these areas, provide conditions and teach skills for students to encourage each other and generate an environment where students feel validated and empowered.


Parents as Partners -


Families are an essential part of teams that design and provide services to support students with disabilities. Mutual respect, transparency in processes, communication, and cultural responsiveness build and maintain these collaborative partnerships ensuring heightened family participation in the educational process. Our relationships with parents, teachers and students create opportunity for great academic achievements.


Together We Can Achieve More –


Students are unable to learn unless their hierarchy of needs have been met; students with disabilities are at greater risk for not having their basic needs met.  The Special Services department will holistically address the emotional, physical, and social needs of students with disabilities while concurrently addressing their academic achievement through team collaboration.  A holistic approach to serving students will increase students’ motivation for self-advocacy, resulting in students who are more college ready, work ready, and life ready.