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Book An Event Location

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Booking Instructions

1. Go to your Google Calendar for your organization (Example: FFA Calendar – Note: Make sure your personal calendar is not selected) and select the date for your event.

2. Click Edit Event.

​3. Set the Start and End Time for your event (Events do not need to be set as an all day event). Make sure to include any setup time and cleanup time after the event. Don’t forget to fill out a Custodial / Security (doors) / Maintenance (Heat-AC) / Technology (Audio-Video) request, if needed.

4. On the right hand side, select rooms. From the list of rooms, select desired location. If the desired location is not listed, it is currently already booked for a portion or all of time frame of your event.

5. To check availability of a location that is not listed as a room option, please click on the links below for that area.

6. If you would like to have the location calendar as one of your calendars, for easy access, click the add option (this looks like a plus + sign) on the bottom right corner of the desired location calendar. 

7.  If you have determined the conflict for the date and time you desire a location, you can contact the conflicting event coordinator and try to resolve the conflict or reschedule for another available time or location.

8.  Districtwide events will receive priority.