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Titus County Fair Livestock Results

Posted Date: 10/01/2019

Titus County Fair Livestock Results

We had nearly 80 of our students compete at the Titus County Fair this year! It was another banner year for our show teams at the Titus County Fair! Congratulations to the following Champions:

Titus County Fair Scholarship Recipients- Rachel Crane, Rebekah Crane, Kaci Jackson, Kincade Henry, and Jared McNutt

Grand Champion Goat- Braden Spigener

Reserve Grand Champion Goat- Caitlyn Hobbs

Junior Goat Showmanship- Rebecca Dunn

Senior Goat Showmanship- Caitlyn Hobbs

Grand Champion Lamb- Lucas Dunn

Reserve Grand Champion Lamb- Kenzie Kimbrough

Sr. Lamb showmanship- Kenzie Kimbrough

Grand Champion Market Ag Mechanics- Caroline Blackard

Grand Champion Open Ag Mechanics- Kincade Henry and Ty Findley

Air Gas Choice Award- Chapel Hill Ag Mechanics

Reserve Grand Champion Broilers- Hannah Rhea

Reserve Senior Broiler Showmanship- Hannah Rhea

Grand Champion Hog- Gunner Rodgers

Junior Hog Showmanship- Gunner Rodgers

Senior Hog Showmanship- Lucas Moody

Reserve Grand Steer- Austin Bradley

Junior Steer Showmanship- Leah Schmitt

Junior Heifer Showmanship- Leah Schmitt

Senior Heifer Showmanship- Caitlyn Hobbs

Junior Champion Speaker- Raini Taylor

Reserve Jr. Champion Speaker- Graci Harkey

Senior Champion Speaker- Avery Hall

Reserve Senior Champion Speaker- Caitlyn Hobbs

Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer- Jayden Morton

Champion Red Angus Heifer- Leah Schmitt

Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer- Lucas Moody

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifers- Hallie Hall

Reserve Grand Champion Limousin Heifer- Austin Bradley

Reserve Grand Champion Simmental Heifer- Daniel Taylor

Grand Champion American Heifer- Caitlyn Hobbs


Each and every one of our students did an amazing job representing our school and growing as livestock exhibitors and leaders in the agricultural industry. Congratulations to all of our exhibitors on their success and a job well done!

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