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Titus County Fair - FFA and Jr FFA

Posted Date: 10/03/2017

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This past week, our FFA and Jr. FFA members had one of the best years we've ever had competing at the Titus County Fair. Chapel Hill can't say thank you enough to all of the supporters who came out and cheered our kids on. Our students were also very heavily supported in the auction by so many great members of the community. 


All of our students have worked countless hours over the last few months preparing, strategizing, selecting, feeding, practicing, sweating, and planning with their projects, all in the hope for success at the fair. For some, success was making it in and out of the ring with total control of their animal. Some hoped to make sale so they could raise money for next year's project or for college, and for others, it was winning grand champion. All of our kids were successul in some fashion, many met their goals, and they all saw the fruits of their labor come full circle. 


We are so very proud of how all of the students conducted themselves and how well they represented our FFA program and school. They all worked together, helped eachother out, were respectful to the judge, and were graceful in defeat and humble in success. 


Highlights from this year's fair: 


Senior Champion Public Speaker- Ashlynn Eubanks

Reserve Senior Champion Public Speaker- (Tie)- Tracy Branch and Avery Hall

Junior Champion Public Speaker- Jayce Eubanks

Scholarship Recipients- Tracy Branch, Ashlynn Eubanks, and Kate Matthews

Grand Champion Goat- Tracy Branch

Reserve Grand Champion Goat- Rayna DeLaRosa

Junior Goat Showmanship- Graci Harkey

Senior Goat Showmanship- Tracy Branch

Grand Champion Lamb- Tracy Branch

Reserve Grand Champion Lamb- Rebekah Crane

Junior Lamb Showmanship- Karlee Rodgers

Senior Lamb Showmanship- Rebekah Crane

Champion Market Ag Mech- Ryleigh Stegall

Reserve Champion Market Ag Mech- Haley Swindler

Champion Open Ag Mech- Saul Martinez

Reserve Champion Open Ag Mech- Ryleigh Stegall

Champion Ag Mech Female Showmanship- Haley Swindler

Champion Ag Mech Male Showmanship- Saul Martinez

Grand Champion Pen of Broilers- Hannah Rhea

Senior Broiler Showmanship- Ashlynn Eubanks

Grand Champion Hog- Tripp Phillips

Reserve Grand Champion Hog- Gunner Rodgers

Junior Hog Showmanship- Lucas Moody

Grand Champion Steer- Bo Schmitt

Junior Steer Showmanship- Leah Schmitt

Senior Steer Showmanship- Seth Billups

Grand Champion Heifer- Daniel Taylor

Junior Heifer Showmanship- Leah Schmitt

Senior Heifer Showmanship- Seth Billups

Jr. Champion Livestock Judging- Jabo Zachry

Reserve Jr. Champion Livestock Judging- Gunner Rodgers

Sr. Champion Livestock Judging- Tracy Branch

Reserve Sr. Champion Livestock Judging- Rebekah Crane


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